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Digital revolution is a true reality of XXI century. The world stepped into the epoch of distributed data. New business models are being introduced so that everyone has an opportunity to influence the technology and social progress of the world around.


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Financing innovative projects by special venture funds focused on the work over projects starting from the initial stage, when only the idea and the team are known, is widespread all over well-developed world.

Presently such venture funds face a number of unsolved problems:

  • lack of information on potential projects for investors;
  • difficulties of documentation formalization requirements to investment projects — insurmountable barrier for people without special training;
  • lack of experts in intellectual property;
  • lack of an comprehensive procedure for assessing and deciding on the financing of projects at the initial stages;
  • lack of investors` information on the opportunities for the development of projects.

In order to solve these issues, an efficient venture fund should have a pool of promising innovations with information on the projects and investors and it has to offer the opportunity for broad involvement of legal entities and individuals in the investment and management process.

Besides that, the fund should provide the high efficient methods of intellectual property assessment to calculate the innovation value closest to the market, up to the calculation of the value at the idea stage.

NATIF uses the latest methods of assessing intellectual property, starting with the stage of the idea for selecting the most profitable projects and reducing investment risks

How New Advanced Technologies International Fund NATIF is to operate

Priority Directions

The priority and most promising direction of the Fund's work is the preparation and implementation of STO projects directed at industrial technologies development using a new physical principle of nanoscale electromagnetic radiation generation.

As a result of the research a method of producing electromagnetic radiation of nanometer-scale by conduction electrons has been created. This method is technically simple to implement as it does not require high energy nor low temperatures, it allows to create generators with high-power capacity. The frequency magnitude of the generated radiation is three orders higher than that of the laser radiation, its characteristic wavelength is measured in tenths of a nanometer.

A new generation of quantum generators following lasers (LASER — Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), was named NASER - Nanowave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

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The new physical principle of generation of nanoscale electromagnetic radiation is the basis of unique energy-efficient technologies.

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The foundation creates NASER's ecosystem, which contains many applied solutions in various fields

About the Fund

NATIF is one of the first venture funds able to work with blockchain technology and open for non-professional investors. NATIF is focused on investments into the newest technologies development.


Currently NATIF has more than 30 perspective innovative projects in the seed and Round A-B stages in its portfolio and plans to prepare and conduct STO for the first projects within three months.

Founders of the Fund:

  • Team of NASER technology developers, NASER Technology OÜ
  • Company for integrated protection and intellectual property evaluation, the company «Simonov and the partners»
  • Technological project commercialization аssociation «Innovative Technology Center MATI»
  • Production Company «ANDI Group»

Strategy of NATIF – commercialization of intellectual property

While working with it's projects NATIF:

What are the directions where the NATIF invests

Up to now scientific research has been carried out and operating laboratory models have been built:

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Project Map

STO Details

The NATIF is a closed unit investment trust

Every token is the equivalent to a fund unit - at any time, the token can be exchanged directly for a fund unit in accordance with the barter agreement as a part of the platform smart contract. The NATIF Fund opens a separate enterprise of the chosen form and jurisdiction for each innovative project or participates as a shareholder in the existing company implementing the project. The financial risks of the fund's shareholders are covered by the fund's share in the innovative projects being implemented and, accordingly, by "through" ownership of the fund's property.

Structure of distribution of collected funds NATIF

  • Registration and opening of NATIF

  • Preparation for the STO NATIF

  • Marketing expenses

  • Administrative expenses


Financial model

Financial model Financial model


Our contacts

NASER Technology OÜ
Nаrvа mnt 7-634, Tallinn, 10117
+372 634 7302
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